Steel door (push left) with outside and inside frame – 6 parts of clear glass from 6 mm thickness.

Steel door with 6 mm security glass.
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Totale prijs: € 1.584,00/ kit
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Steel door (push left) with outside and inside frame – 6 parts of clear glass from 6 mm thickness


  • Steel door (push left) with outside and inside frame – 6 parts of clear glass from 6 mm thickness
  • Steel door
Short description: Steel door with 6 mm security glass.
Production code: 05516
Description: These unique glass door kit consists of a steel door + frame with 6 glass parts.

Steel door kit

Dimension of doorleaf: 2010 mm (H) * 40 mm (T)
Widths of doorleaf: 830 mm
Dimension of complete with frame: 2050 mm (H) * 48 mm (T)
Widths of complete with frame: 896mm
Finishing: Black lacquered
Glass: Yes
Design: no design, clear glass
Pre-drilled: With all necessary drilling
Rotation : Push left

- Read more online about installation

        Before getting started

        Installation of steel door in 3 simple steps

           Step 1: Positioning of the frame

           Step 2: Permanently fixing the frame

           Step 3: Install the glass components

- Download installation pdf

- Watch installation video

Before getting started


Read these instructions completely before starting

Door elements:

Please check if you are in possession of: A complete steeldoor-kit which includes: a door and doorframe, door architraves, glass items, a set of screws, 2 hinges, and a lock.  Please also make sure you are in possession of a door handle.


During the installation you will need: Montage glue, a glue pistol, PU montage foam , a pencil,  tape, a meter, a level, a few wedges, a cutter knife,a pair of scissors, a Phillips screwdriver , a drilling machine and possibly 8 wooden blocks depending on the measurements of your dooropening.


The doorway of your steel door must be at least as large as your sizes of your steel structure and maximum 20mm higher and 40mm wider. For the standard steel door sizes of 2047mmx896mm  your door opening can be only max 2069mmx946mm.

To check the right opening direction of the door, please follow the next steps: Stand in the doorway with your back faced to the hinges. From this position try to open the door you want to. In case you are using your left arm, the door you are looking for is a left-open door. In case you open de door with your right arm, and the door will be therefore at your right, you are looking for a right-open door. 

Door elements


Width door

Installation of steel door in 3 simple steps


Step 1: Positioning of the frame

1.1    Before positioning the doorframe,  remove the bottom part of the door frame that serves as transport protection using a Phillips screwdriver.

1.2    Next we'll have to position the drilling side of the door at the right side for the expected door opening orientation and fix it at level by using wedges.

1.3    In case there are some spaces between the frame and the wall, fill them with wooden blocks. It is important to put them at the same height then the pre-pierced holes in the frame.  Make sure that the wooden blocks are not wider than your steel structure. (30mm)

1.4    Once all the spaces are filled with the multiplex-blocks and the entire frame is entirely at level by using wedges, we can move on to Step 2. 


Step 2: Permanently fixing the doorframe:

2.1    In order to fix the frame to the wall we will have to insert plugs first. Drill with a diameter 8mm though the blocks and the wall through the pre-pierced holes of the frame. Once this is done you can insert the plugs.

2.2    Once the plugs are in place, screw the frame to the wall by fastening the screws.

2.3    cover them with a black plastic cap.


Step 3: Install the glass components.

3.1    In order to install the glass components we will Take the door out of the frame first.

3.2    The door consists of 2 parts. Those 2 parts are screwed together; separate the 2 parts by unscrewing the screws.

3.3    once the 2 parts are separated, Put the door-part with the lock horizontally on the floor and glue the glass components to it. Important: only apply glue on the parts that the steel structure covers the glass in order to prevent visible glue marks on the glass.

3.4    Screw the 2 parts of the door leaf back together, Once the glue has dried and all the components are fixed, the door is ready to be placed back on the frame. 

3.5   Finally, fix the handle to the door.

Step 1.1 wooden door installation

Step 1.2 wooden door installation

Step 2.1 wooden door installation

Step 2.3 wooden door installation

Step 2.5 wooden door installation

Step 2.8 option 2 wooden door installation

Step 2.9 wooden door installation

Step 3.1 wooden door installation

Step 3.1 wooden door installation

Step 3.2 wooden door installation