2 x glass door stopper (round)

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2 x glass door stopper (round)

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2 x glass door stopper (round)


  • 2 x glass door stopper (round)

- Read more online about installation

         Before getting started

         Installation of glass door in 3 steps

             Step 1: Preparation of doorframe & glass door

             Step 2: Fitting of doorframe & glass door in the wall opening

             Step 3: Final fitting glass door

- Download installation pdf

- Watch installation video

Before getting started


Read these instructions completely before starting

Door elements:

Please check if you have a glass door, a door frame, door architraves, 2 hinges and a glass door handle.  Furthermore it is important to know that these glass doors are reversible.  This means that they can be used right opening as well as left opening. The hinges and the door frame as well as the glass doors are especially designed for this. 

Attention: Smart glass doors can also be installed directly into a door opening. If you prefer this kind of installation, you of course do not need door frames & architraves. The door opening however needs to be adjusted to the available door sizes as security glass cannot be trimmed. For this kind of installation you need to make sure that your door opening is 10 mm wider and higher than the available door sizes and that your walls are perfectly leveled. 


During the installation you will also need montage glue, a glue pistol, PU montage foam (250 ml pro door), tape, a meter, a level, a few wedges, a saw, a cutter knife, a drilling machine and a pencil. 


Check if the wall opening is +/-7 cm wider and 4 to 6 cm higher than the door leaf. This depends of the width of the chosen architraves. The opening between your frame and the wall will be covered by your architraves. 

Secondly it is important to verify if the width of the door frame is wide enough for your walls.  You can check this by measuring your walls on the top, in middle and at the bottom. The width of your frame needs to be larger or equal to the highest value found.  The found value is at the same time the width on which you need to trim your door frame. (width door frame) 

Choose the position and direction of your glass door.  Turning in or out of the room?  Left or right?  When you selected a matt Smart Glass door or a Smart Glass door with designs, it is also important to decide on which side you want to expose the matt side or designs as both sides have a slightly different feel(one has been made matt, the other side remains unprocessed security glass). Everything is possible with this reversible smart glass door.

Door elements


Width door

Width door frame

Installation of glass door in 3 simple steps


Step 1: Preparation of doorframe & glass door:

1.1   Trim your doorframe (left, right and top piece) on the right width. (See remark above, width door frame)

1.2   Saw the top piece of the frame in the right length.  Width door + 10 mm + 2x thickness door frame.  In case your door leaf is 830 mm wide & your door frame is 18 mm thick then you need to trim your top frame on 876 mm.


Step 2: Fitting of doorframe & glass door in the wall opening:

2.1    Fix the upper part of the frame on the vertical legs of the frame with 4 drill screws.

2.2    Fortify the door frame with slats - you can use the waste produced after trimming your door frame width to accomplish this - to give it more strength and to be able place it easily in the door opening.

2.3    Fix the door frame with a wedge min. 1 mm above the ground into the door opening. The 1 mm play is necessary to avoid damage by water.  Please ensure at the same time that 2 vertical legs of the door frame are level towards each other.  This is important in case your floor is not level.

2.4    Please fix the doorframe temporarily in place in the door opening with the help of wedges.  Do this between frame and wall at the upper left and right corner of the door opening.  

2.5    Level the jambs with the wall vertically as well as horizontally and fix the position temporarily with wedges.

2.6   Permanently fixing the door frame can be done in 2 ways:  

Option 1: Fix the doorframe permanently with PU foam: Apply a limited amount of montage foam between the wall and the doorframe.

Option 2: Fix the doorframe with distance screws. (Advice for heavy doors): Drill holes at the level of the hinges through the frame and into the wall.  Of course you need to determine the position of the hinges on the frame first. Do this by following the steps in point 3.5 however without actually fixing the glass door onto the frame. Screw the distance screws with a plug to fix the frame.  Apply a limited amount of montage foam between the wall and the doorframe.

2.7   Drying time +/- 60 min.  Remove surplus of foam with a knife.  Attention: only fill up the open joints partially. The foam expands after application.  


Step 3: Final fitting glass door:

3.1   Adjust the architraves to the length and the width of your doorframe.  All depending on your choice of architraves it might be required to saw the architrave miter.

3.2    Apply montage glue at the outer edge of the frame.  Place the architraves. Architraves should be fixed temporarily in place until fully attached to the frame (+/-25 min.). Position also the architraves 1 mm above the ground to avoid damage by moisture.  

3.3   Fix the hinge onto the glass door. Do this straight and leveled with the side of the glass door.  

3.4   Install the handle.

3.5   Place the door on two wedges of +/- 5 mm in the door frame. Secondly you only have to screw the hinges straight below each other onto the door frame. Initially only apply 2 screws pro hinge and check if the door is perfectly straight and leveled. Once this is verified, fix the glass door permanently in the door frame.

3.6   Apply some montage glue between the 1 mm play between the frame, the architraves and the floor to avoid damage by water.  

You have now successfully installed your glass door. In case you have installed this smart glass door with a frame you now need to finish your frame.

Step 1.1 glass door installation

Step 1.2 glass door installation

Step 2.1 glass door installation

Step 2.2 glass door installation

Step 2.4 glass door installation

Step 2.5 glass door installation

Step 2.6 glass door installation

Step 2.7 glass door installation

Step 3.2 glass door installation

Step 3.2 glass door installation

Step 3.3 glass door installation

Step 3.5 glass door installation