Solid Oak T-profile, Grey oiled

Solid Oak T-profile, Grey oiled
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Netto volume: m
Benodigde volume: 3.6m 
3.6m / box, 1 Box(es) nodig
Totale prijs: € 35.96
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Solid Oak T-profile, Grey oiled


  • Solid Oak T-profile, Grey oiled
  • T-profile
Short description: 100% solid oak T-profile (25 mm x 45 mm x 1800 mm).
Product code: 13016
Description: Solid Oak T-profile, Grey oiled


Thickness: 25 mm
Width: 45 mm
Length: 1800 mm
Material: Solid oak, Engineered


Finish: Grey oiled


Consumption pro m.: 1.1
Installation methode: Glue / suitable for 10 mm, 14 mm and 20 mm thick floors


Units pro packing: 3.6 meters
Pieces pro packing: 2 pieces
Type of packing: Carton

- Read more online about T-profile installation

        Steps of T-profile installation

- Download installation pdf

Steps of T-profile installation


1    As you can see in pic 1, T-sections provide for a transition from one floor to another. T-profiles are also used in a large area to provide clearance for your wood floor so the floor can expand or shrink. If the room is larger than 12 meters in the direction of the length of your shelf, we recommend you use a T-profile to expand. Even if the room is wider and 8 meters in the direction of the width of the shelf, we recommend using a T-profile. Once installed, the T-profile is one with your floor, making it a finished look. Also where doors are installed, use a T-profile.

2   The installation of a T-profile is fairly simple. Cut using a circular saw the tongue of the plank where the T-profile must be.

3   Spread glue on the floor and lay the next row of planks 2.2 cm from the board with the sawed-off tongue.

4  Put some polymer glue at one side and on the bottom of the mushroom T-profile. You can see this on the figure. The distance between the T-profile and the next plank is  +/- 0.7 cm.

Steps of T-profile installation 1

Pic 1 . Where a T-profile sites

Steps of T-profile installation 2

Pic 2 . Cut the tongue off with a saw

Steps of T-profile installation 3

Pic 3 . Lay the next board 2.2 cm further

Steps of T-profile installation 4

Pic 4 . Glue the T-profile fixed

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        Important notes

- Download Finish & care pdf

Important notes


Place door mats at entrances. These absorb more dirt so that no dirt can penetrate into your floor. Wash or vacuum the mats regularly.

Look critically at the feet or legs of your furniture. Often happens that under your chairs and armchairs there is a slider cap that is not suitable for your floor. With the right shell or slider you can use them carelessly on the floor.

Sweep, mop and vacuum your floor frequently and so you avoid damage from grit and dust.. 

Avoid high heels A wooden floor is easily damaged.

Keep in mind that your hardwood floor is a natural product. It will expand and contract with moisture changes and humidity levels. A lack of moisture will cause shrinkage or gapping; while excessive moisture will cause swelling and could result in cupping or cracking. Recommended humidity levels throughout the year should remain at 45% to 65%. The use of humidifiers during the winter and de humidifiers during the summer will help ensure these levels.

To remove white spots caused by water spills, use fine steel wool and rub gently along the direction of the grain until the stain disappears. Then use a little oil to restore the color.

For stains caused by wax or chewing gum, harden the spot with ice and then gently scrape with a plastic scraper, such as your credit card. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Protect your floor from direct sunlight or an intense source of artificial light. Over time, this light will discolor your hardwood floor.

If you have pets, cut the nails properly and make the feet free from dirt, gravel, grease and oil.

Planks with V-Grooves has to be cleaned first with a vacuum cleaner before sweaping with a mop. So you can not scrape with grit over the wooden floor.

Place platter under plants – so you can not damage the floor by water.

Helpful tips






Guide to calculation

  For example, your room measurements are as below:
                                             Width  :        5.40       m
                                             Length:        3.50       m
  Consumption pro m : 1.1
  Net volume: ( 5.40 + 3.50 ) x 2 = 17.80 m

Volume needed: 17.80 x 1.1 = 19.58 m

  If you have mutli rooms, please help yourself to sum circumference.