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Thank you for visiting our site. For 25 years , we are helping our customers in selecting and installing parquet floors and/or doors that best suit them. Our range is extended: wood, glass, laminate, steel...

We hope to assist you with your next purchase.  When you choose floors and doors, you have to take a very difficult decision and so you need good advise.

So, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you!


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Our mission:


For more than 20 years, our mission has been generating a maximum value for our customers through quality and innovative products and services to offer at the lowest possible prices.

At Woodeko’s, value creation goes hand in hand with cost reduction. With the launch of this website, we further reduce our operating and logistic costs, and thus we increase the value we can add to your decorating projects.  If you examine and compare the prices of our reversible doors and parquets on our site, you will understand what we stand for! Unbeatable value!


Our mission Our mission  


+ Easy to install and maintain products,

+ Clear installation instructions & videos

+ Home delivery,

+ Fast availability of products,

+ Product presentation on site and providing samples,

+ 24/24 hours shopping in Belgium through e-shop


- Product development, that reduce costs and works innovative,

- Reducing the number of employees,

- Reduction of logistics costs to distribution points,

- Better prices through bulk purchases,

- Eliminiations of expensive sales presentations,

- Reduction of number of outlets and cost of permanence,

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 Our partners


Besides our own creations, we also distribute the following: Laminated and Parquet floors of Quick Step, bonding adhesive of Soudal, Parquet floors of Lamett and ceilings from HDM.

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